Rubelita Opolentisima

The “Dancing Mom” from Valenzuela City, Ruby!

A loving wife and mother who love dancing and ice skating. Her life changed when she and her husband decided to have children. She was advised by the doctors to lose some weight to increase their chances but she took it in a negative way making her suffer from depression and overeating. They were blessed to have a son but gained a significant amount of weight and has been unable to turn her health around since.

Her main motivation to win this challenge is to be healthy and fit enough to dance and watch her son grow.

Jessie Lou Salvo Astillero

The “Push na Yan Girl” from Tangub City, Jessie!

Being slim and healthy during her adolescence – Jessie never really had to control her diet. Gaining some weight did not bother her at all until she noticed some change, doing simple tasks like tying her shoe or reaching for her clothes inside the cabinet requires her to exert more effort than she used to. Things worsened when people started expressing their concern regarding her weight. She understands that they mean no harm but the insecurities made her self esteem hit an all-time low. After some reflection, Jessie decided to join SouqPinoy Slim Down Challenge to regain the confidence she once had and never succumb to pessimism. Shaping not only her body but her future.

Kerwin Panganoron

The “Wanderman” from Bacoor, Kerwin!

A gentle and friendly individual who is very fond of outdoor activities. He is the type of person who loves to explore and try new things. Even though active, his slow metabolism made him gain weight a little faster than other people making him question life’s fairness. It discouraged him from doing outdoor activities leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. Kerwin found the motivation to turn his life around after hearing about this challenge.

Kerwin hopes his improved health could allow him to return to his old hobbies and explore new ones like skydiving and trekking.

Jo Ann Abarilla Bawic

The “Determined Wife” from San Carlos, Jo Ann!

Jo Ann used to live an active and healthy lifestyle. She started gaining weight when she started working here in Dubai. Being constantly surrounded by food, Joan was defenseless. Failing to resist the temptation of food, it led to unhealthy eating habits. She did not realize the consequences until they decided to have a baby. Doctors advised her to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle to increase chances of conception. In her mind, the clock is ticking and she needs to act fast.

She joined the Souq Pinoy Slimdown Challenge with full confidence that the Coaches can keep on her health back on track.

Shane Cedric M. Ang

The “Family Man” from Dipolog, Cedric!

Cedric never really struggled controlling his weight during his younger years. But after setting into a comfortable and happy relationship with his wife and children, his weight began to rise. Cedric and his wife did not notice the need to change their unhealthy lifestyle until their daughters told them that they are afraid of losing their parents because they are getting too fat. For Cedric his family is everything and he cannot imagine her daughters growing-up without a father to guide them.

He is ready to accept whatever task SouqPinoy Slimdown Challenge lay in front of him in exchange for life longevity.

Christopher John Asaro

The “Lone Dad” from Olongapo City, Chris!

Chris has been struggling with his weight all through his childhood – A victim of bullying because of his size, depriving him from having a normal childhood life. Chris’ only motivation to get-up and work hard every day is his daughter. Being plagued with illnesses due to his unhealthy lifestyle – Chris realized that he needed to do something. As a single parent who carries the responsibility of raising a child alone, he cannot afford to succumb to a lifestyle that could potentially lessen his lifespan. The thought of her daughter growing without a parent to guide her haunts him everytime.

Chris accepted this Challenge for her daughter to be proud of him – Be her inspiration, knowing his father overcame all the odds towards a healthy life.

Jonathan Rupert Balingit

The “Prodigal Son” from Quezon City, Rupert!

Rupert grew-up with a supportive family, guiding him always. His life was on the right track, knowing what he wants and how to get it. His dreams started to crumble when his girlfriend broke-up with him, leaving everything in disarray. Rupert had to find a window to release stress and he found comfort in food. Together with lack of exercise, he discovered the perfect formula on how to increase weight. At the background is his Mom, silently weeping seeing her son in a situation that is hard for her to swallow.

Realizing the burden his mother is going through – Rupert enters “The SouqPinoy Slimdown Challenge” to reclaim his life back not only for his mother – ultimately, for himself.

Roan Shyne Enriquez

The “Sports Enthusiast” from Tiaong Quezon, Roan!

Roan during her younger years can easily be defined as an athlete. Being active in all kinds of sports mainly volleyball and football. Dancing and outdoor activities helped her to overcome asthma. She is living the life being able to eat whatever she wants not gaining a single pound. Everything changed when she started working, time for physical activities has gone lesser and lesser. She is still an active member of her dragon boat team but is consistently failing in the diet department. Her once athletic body loss its form, the clothes that used to fit her stayed inside the closet. All the teasing and comments from her friends made her feel insecure lowering her self- esteem.

With her competitive sporting background, Roan is looking forward to the challenges this show will bring and awaken the best version of herself.

Maria Cristina Dela Cruz

The “Passionate Mom” from Nueva Ecija, Cristina!

Cristina lived all her life being overweight – she has somehow indirectly conceded and accepted her current situation embracing the life of being over the limit. For her, weight doesn’t matter as long as you can do your job properly. Reality hit her when she realized that life is not all fair. Her job application gets rejected not because of her skills, but her weight. It didn’t keep Cristina from attaining her dreams as she is now a successful Retail and Marketing Coordinator.

Her main motivation in joining is not to have a slim and sexy body; she joined because of her son. She realized that for every pound she loses means extra years to spend with his son.

Evangelyn Brigaudit

The “Good Provider” from Cebu City, Eva!

Eva way before 2013 was walking in a normal and desirable weight, taking care of her body responsibly. Things went downhill when the news of her sister’s death reached her. Food comforted her during her grieving and things worsened when his father died the next year. The responsibility of being the sole breadwinner of the family has been passed on to her, giving her very little time to recuperate. Carbonated drinks became her buddies – being always present as she battles depression. To cap it all – she and her long-time boyfriend broke-up, a real life example of a Filipino colloquial phrase “ Nagmahal, iniwan, tumaba…” . Eva came to her senses when she noticed that she is not alone, she still has her mother and sisters who are more than willing to help her carry the burdens.

Eva is now ready to face whatever challenge comes her way – carrying her dream of one day become healthy enough to be a mother herself.