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Published: 2019-10-26   

Why You Need Pinoy Friends In Your Life

Share this with your foreigner friends and check how many of the items below they agree to.

Share this with your foreigner friends and check how many of the items below they agree to.

Filipinos are said to be some of the coolest people around. From their amazing Southeastern cuisine to their characteristic hospitality, it’s always interesting being in their company.

Over the years, they’ve made their way across the globe from their small island of the Philippines, so you’re bound to have befriended a Filipino at least once in your life. But if you haven’t yet, here are 16 reasons why you need to do so ASAP:

    1. They’ll feed you. Seriously.
      You’ll never eat so much in your life. Lahat na lang iaalok nila sayo. Madalas pa, they will cook something just so they can feed you.
    2. They’ll treat you with the utmost hospitality.
      You’ll never be without tsinelas on your feet whenever you visit. You’ll have the best seat kapag inabutan mo silang nanonood ng TV. Napapa-instant linis pa sila dahil dumating ka.
    3. They’ll bring you to their epic Pinoy parties.
      Whether it’s a house party, debut or wedding, Filipinos know how to throw down.
    4. They’ll offer you leftovers that will last you an entire week.
      Never forget to ask them to pack you some leftover pancit or lumpia. They are ready to prep your take-aways with their foil wrappers, plastic bags, even empty ice cream gallons.
    5. They’ll help you improve your stage presence.
      Once they whip out the Magic Mic, you’ll turn into a completely different person. Bawal humindi, everyone will take turns in belting out their tunes.

    1. They’ll widen your sense of humor
      You’ll gain an appreciation for even the corniest of jokes. Madlas pa nga, mauuna pa silang matawa sa punchline nila.
    2. They’ll introduce you to all of their cousins and siblings.
      You automatically make 10 new friends when you befriend just one Filipino. Hindi sila papayag na kwento lang, kailangan makilala mo in person si ate, si manoy, maski si Dara.
    3. They’ll show you new ways to save money.
      Whether it be cutting paper towel rolls in half or diluting dish soap, frugality is their specialty. Tandaan, isang patak, kaya ang sangkatutak. *winks!

    1. They’ll bring you some cool stuff from the Philippines.
      A small corner of their Balikbayan box will be reserved just for you. They delight in pasalubongs and they will make you experience it, too.
    2. They’ll make you look good for being punctual.
      Because they’re always late. Nuff said.
    3. They’ll acquaint you with all sorts of unique food combinations.
      Puto’t dinuguan, champorado at tuyo. You’ll soon realize that almost anything can serve as a sawsawan.

  1. They’ll almost always be down to go out.
    A day at the park man yan to go food bingeing, out of town to go on a picnic, or simply stay at the beach and lounge; Pinoys love a good time!
  2. They’ll get you in touch with your artistic side.
    All of their singing and dancing will rub off on you.
  3. They’ll teach you fun new ways to communicate.
    You’ll be calling people “ate” and “kuya” and pointing with your lips in no time.
  4. They’ll accept you for who you are.
    No matter your age, race or sexual orientation!
  5. They’ll always treat you like family.
    I think Pinoys originally coined the phrase, “Feel at home!” When you’re with Filipinos, you’re with family.

Given these traits, how Pinoy are you?

Helpful Link/s: https://www.narcity.com/life/16-reasons-why-you-need-filipino-friends-in-your-life


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