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Published: 2019-12-10   

Video: How thieves are breaking into Sharjah cars

Sharjah Police warned residents about car break-ins, and to be aware of suspicious people

Sharjah Police warned residents about car break-ins, and to be aware of suspicious people

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Sharjah: Leaving personal items in the car – especially valuable ones – can make you a victim of theft, warned police.

In a public service announcement, Sharjah Police cautioned residents against car break-ins, and advised motorists and passengers to avoid leaving handbags, cash, mobile phones or laptops in their vehicles.

On its social media accounts, police published an online video of how a typical robbery can take place in the middle of the night.

During this entire month, Sharjah Police said it will distribute pamphlets in Arabic, English and Urdu as part of a campaign against car thefts, which was carried out under the slog “Your valuables is your responsibility”.

Never leaves these valuables lying around:

  • Phone
  • Handbag or wallet
  • Laptop (or its bag)
  • A briefcase or backpack
  • Shopping bags
  • Cash

The General Command of Sharjah Police said car break-ins are carried out “from time to time”, and urged the public to take preventive measures, such as not leaving the car doors unlocked, “as this type of situation encourages thieves to target their vehicle.”

“The aim of this campaign is to increase vigilance among community members to protect their properties,” said police.

Residents were urged to report any kind of suspicious behavior by contacting:

  • 999 for emergencies
  • 901 for non-emergency cases
  • 80040 for the criminal investigation department

Residents were also told to report suspicious cars or people that may be following them and monitoring their whereabouts, and to install car alarms as measure against car thefts.

How to prevent car thefts

  • Always lock your vehicle
  • Never leave your car running if it’s unattended
  • When parked, close all the windows
  • Always lock your car
  • Park in well-lit areas



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