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Published: 2017-07-27   

The Top 3 Exciting Exit Destinations of Filipinos

Gone are the days when changing your visa status meant going off to a place you couldn’t enjoy.

Gone are the days when changing your visa status meant going off to a place you couldn’t enjoy.

Now that traveling has become more affordable than ever, we are given the opportunity to explore and have a remarkable adventure at a time when we are actually “required” to do so.

Ano nga bang gagawin natin sa opportunity na yan? Take it and make the most of it!

Ito ang tinatawag nilang “leisure exit”, kung saan ang pagpapapalit ng visa ay nagiging window na rin for a perfect travel escapade.

Here are the top three visa exit countries that Filipinos love today (these are also countries):

  1. Armenia: A Historical Paradise

    Traveling to Armenia is definitely a trip to a whole new world. Sa sceneries pa lang, wala ka nang masasabi—sobrang refreshing. Bukod sa magagandang tanawin, mayaman din sa kultura at kasaysayan ang Armenia.

    Get ready to explore age-old monuments, towers and monasteries, which are all perfectly set in natural paradise. Nakaka-zen talaga. If you’re up for some hiking, you’ll discover more of the Armenian history. Locals are very welcoming, too, so, really, it is going to be a vacation you wouldn’t forget.

    Average Exit Package Cost: 1599AED
    Average daily allowance for a PInoy tourist: 50 AED

  2. Georgia: A Scenic Nature Trip

    From the rolling hills to the charming townscape, Georgia will mesmerize you at every turn. It’s a Eurasian country teeming with culture and a good deal of breath-taking natural landscapes. Georgia’s countryside looks like a painting that has come to life.

    Imagine seeing all shades of green covering the slopes that are set against an endless blue sky. In winter, around December to February, they transform into a white adventureland where you can ski to your heart’s content.

    Georgia also claims to be the “birthplace of wine”, so exploring those idyllic vineyards could get you some of excellent bottles of wine at a price you can afford.

    Average Exit Package Cost: 1400AED
    Average Daily Allowance for a Pinoy Tourist: 50AED

  3. Oman: An Arabian Culture Wonderland

    Oman has been called the Jewel of Arabia for a good reason: Its land, culture and natural gifts are unlike any other Arabian destination.

    Well-preserved ang local culture dito at sobrang warm and welcoming ng mga tao na simple lang ang pamumuhay. Oman has some of the best wadis in the region, along with its green mountains and desert lands.

    Kung gusto mo mag-snorkel, mag-cruise, mag-hike, o kaya mag-relax lang sa beach—lahat yan magagawa mo sa Oman. Nothing is man-made—all are nature at its rawest, untouched beauty. A tour of the city also doesn’t disappoint: as this is where you’ll get to meet its happy people and learn more about Arabian culture in general.

    Average Exit Package Cost: 799 AED
    Average Daily Allowance for a Pinoy Tourist: 50 AED


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