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Published: 2019-10-28   

Stressed ka na ba? Here are SIX TIPS that can help

We all get to that point when we just want to throw in the towel and give up at work. Our advice: DON’T.

We all get to that point when we just want to throw in the towel and give up at work. Our advice: DON’T.

Kung stress man yan ‘te, maniwala ka, maraming paraan para mailaban yan. Lalo na kung mahal mo ang trabaho mo, wag basta-bastang susuko. After all, Filipinos have been known to be resilient—bumabangon lang nang bumabangon, kahit ang hirap hirap na.

Now if you find yourself in a situation where your stress level has hit the roof and it’s starting to affect your health, here’s some advice:

  1. Magpahinga. Give yourself the space that you need, and breathe.If you can take some time off work, go file that leave. Minsan kailangan lang natin mag-recharge talaga eh. Use your free days to do the things that you love, and just breathe.Wag munang isipin ang mga bagay na nakakapag-pastress sa’yo. Some things can wait, put yourself first. After all, if you’re not in the right shape, you also won’t be to function well and decide properly.
  2. Kung hindi posible ang mag-leave, find your piece of quiet even for just a few hours a day.Minsan sa sobrang dami ng trabaho, hindi rin talaga pwedeng magbakasyon eh, kahit gaano ka pa ka-stressed. Sa mga ganitong pagkakataon, kailangan nating maging resourceful.Kung hindi kaya mag-leave, may mga panahon pa rin naman para mag-relax. Gumising kahit 1-2 hours early para makapag-relax muna sa umaga bago sumagupa uli sa isang buong araw ng trabaho. During this relaxation period, you may read a book, or pray, or anything that calms your heart. Just take the time to breathe.

    If you’re not a morning person, you may also have this breathing space at night, before you sleep.

  3. Learn to say no.Be honest with the people around you. Kapag hindi mo na kaya talaga, speak out, but in a nice, professional way. Wala namang hindi nadadaan sa maayos na usapan. When the going gets tough, let your officemates and managers help you out. You are part of a team, after all.
  4. Exercise. It does help in managing stress.Believe it or not, hindi lang sa figure nakakaganda ang exercise. Being active would help you sweat out all those toxins in your body and release the hormones that generally make you feel good. So try to squeeze in a few physical activities to your day.
  5. Keep your mind busy with happy thoughts.Stay positive, friend. Remember that the bad times will not stay that way for long. Kung ano man yang pinagdadaanan mo, lilipas din yan. So keep your head up and be strong. Keep your heart strong.Look back on the things that have made you hold on for so long. Bakit mo ba ginagawa lahat nang ito? Para kanino? Take that goal to heart.
  6. Reconnect with family and friends.You are not alone—and you never will be. So go talk to your family or friends, via Skype or messenger. Reach out to them. You don’t even have to talk about all the things that bother you. Sometimes just hearing them laugh or seeing them smile is all it takes to make our day. Fill your day with love—and everything will be just fine.


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