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Published: 2017-11-01   

Souqpinoy Halloween Special: DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Cute Babies

As parents, subukan natin na kahit binili mo ang outfit, add your personal touch. Maganda ring bonding moment niyo ng anak mo ang paggawa ng costume niya.

As parents, subukan natin na kahit binili mo ang outfit, add your personal touch. Maganda ring bonding moment niyo ng anak mo ang paggawa ng costume niya.

By: Souqpinoy Staff
Credits: Souqpinoy Staff

School activity, mall events, company day, or maski community gatherings, Halloween still finds its way to squeeze in at makisiksik sa already-hectic mo’ng schedule. This is especially true for parents, mommies and daddies, who have their kids with them here in the UAE. What costume? Ano’ng cartoon character? Wala sa budget or wala’ng time, do not panic…this feature will give you some tricks on how to dress up your kiddos with what’s available, recycled items, and more. Plus, it’s also a treat because you can save on expenses! Trick and treat, talaga!

We invited a group of parents to a challenge; dress up their cute kiddos with very minimal expenses but unlimited creativity! Nag-set kami ng date when we will all gather for a shoot; it was just a half-day activity pero sa super sa pagka-hyper ng mga chikitings na kasama, daig pa namin ang nag-whole day shoot. Tiring but fun naman lalo na at kita sa mukha ng mga bata’ng nag-enjoy din sila. Playdate while in character. 

We categorized the DIYs we received into using what you already have to complete an outfit up to recycling materials to create a work of art. Marami sa mga steps na ipapakita rito will be applicable to more than one costume. So, keep in mind the steps in creating a piece of the costumes, malay mo, kakailanganin mo pala for a different outfit soon.

DIY 1: Use What’s Available
When pressed for time, subukang usisain muna ang wardrobe to know what you already have. Sabayan ng pag-iisip ng character na naka-outfit like a normal kid para hindi mahirapan. Pwedeng si Dora (of Dora the Explorer), si Velma (of Scooby Doo), at marami pang characters na may signature outfit pero hindi ka mahihirapan. Easy peesy!

Character 1: Agnes (from the Movie “Despicable Me”)

Outfit Needed:

  1. Striped Tees
  2. Jumper Pants
  3. Shoes and Socks
  4. Red Ponytail
  5. Stuff Toy

Tadah! Meet Baby Kookai! All outfits are her own. We exaggerated the red ponytail para recognizable na si Agnes siya. And in place of the unicorn, she’s hugging a rhino! She may seem bulilit but she’s bustling with joy and child’s play.

Adorable Agnes, checked!

Character 2: Mavis (from the Movie “Hotel Transylvania”)

Outfit Needed:

  1. Black Top – pwedeng extra long tee or blouse to create that required silhouette
  2. Red and Black Striped Leggings
  3. Red socks and/or shoes

Simple yet in character. You can choose to set the hair para kopyang-kopya pati hair ni Mavis. No fuss, no frills, basta sakto ka sa outfit. In case you only have black leggings, you can improvise by looping red ribbon around it to create the effect. (Check Raggedy Ann Doll later on the article for reference.) Your daughter will surely love this look especially if they’re scared of frightening monster-looking outfits. 

Beautiful Ania as Mavis! Rawr!

DIY 2: Convert What’s Available
Keeping your cool, check what you have. Let your imagination flow. Browse kaunti ng mga characters at pag-isipan mo ang mga alternatives na mayroon ka, lalo na at you’re dressing up a kid—meaning, think small; you require smaller versions of everything, tela, accessories, headdress, etc. Think, Japanese Geishas, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, or Mary of the nursery rhyme “Mary had a little lamb.”

Character 3: Saint Theresa of Calcutta

What You Need:

  1. Blue Ribbon
  2. Glue gun and glue stick or needle and thread
  3. Safety Pin
  4. Rosary

Lampin into a Sari.

Here’s how to make the outfit:

  1. Conjoin two pieces of lampin to serve as a wrap-around skirt; you can stitch them together or idikit ng hot glue.
  2. Reserve one lampin for the headdress.
  3. Line the edges of the lampin with a textile blue ribbon using glue or by sewing the ribbon in.
  4. You can repeat lining edges of the lampin to create stripes effect.
  5. Use one lampin for the headdress and secure in place with a pin right under the chin. Let the excess cloth flow over.
  6. Place the wrap-around skirt a little above the waist, wrap with the lined part placed in front; secure with safety pins.
  7. Complete the look by adding a crucifix or rosary

Hallelujah, you have little saint! This outfit is perfect if you’re joining a church’s version of HOLYween. Madali lang siyang gawin kasi sandamakmak naman ang mga lampin ni baby. Baby Therese was only 8 months old when this outfit was made; bagay ang preskong tela kay baby. And it’s a cute coincidence that she is named after Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

One cute little saint, achieved!

Character 4: Albert Einstein

Outfit Needed:

  1. Long sleeves polo
  2. Necktie
  3. Eyeglasses (for kids sana, yung walang grado)
  4. Loose pants/ slacks
  5. Mommy’s kilay make-up kit
  6. Whiteboard & whiteboard marker or Blackboard & Chalk

Scary monster mask into Einstein’s signature unruly and graying hair.
Daddy’s white polo will pass as your baby’s oversized white coat.

Meet the future genius, Zach! Sabi nga nila, ang bata’ng malikot, walang sakit…kaya nahirapan din kaming litratuhan siyang suot-suot ang wig at eyeglasses ni Einstein. Sinamahan pa ng children’s toys, ayun, mas pinili niya na lang magbisikleta kaysa ipaliwanag ang E=mc2 equation. You’re still a cutie, Zach! Define his eyebrows more and add that moustache to seal the genius look.

Genius in the making, perfect score!

DIY 3: Complement the Outfit
Minsan, we can spare a few bucks para talagang maganda ang costume ng anak natin, tipid din sa oras. Pero nakakainis kapag sold separately ang costumes tapos pricey yung ibang elements. This DIY is an easy one. Kahit binili mo ang outfit, you still want to add your personal touch. Maganda ring bonding moment niyo ng anak mo ang paggawa ng costume niya. Think of Astro Boy’s special boots, googles ng minions, Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield, etc. Are we making your creative juice flow? 

Character 5: Pirate

Subject: Pirate’s Hat

Materials Needed:

  1. Black Cartolina (Alternative: Black Paper glued on a cardboard)
  2. White (Bond) Paper
  3. Eyeliner
  4. Pencil, Glue or Tape & Scissors

Easy Steps:
(Alternative Step) Glue the black paper on a cardboard; let it dry.

  1. Trace a hat outline on the black cartolina; check if it fits the size of your kiddo’s head.
  2. Cut it and set it aside.
  3. Draw a Bones and Skull design (or any pirate insignia your kid wants) on the white paper.
  4. Gupitin ang design at i-glue sa black cartolina hat.
  5. Fix the hat to the head size of your kid para he can just put it on and take it off as he wishes.

Ahoy, pirates! Meet handsome Luke, a mighty pirate. Note that his mom complemented his eyes with eyeliner to make it look darker and scarier like a true pirate. You can also make an eye patch galing sa natirang cartolina. But Pirate Luke would have a hard time playing with other kids kaya hindi na siya nag-eye patch. Bonding with daddy, checked. Letting your kid help in the design, checked.

Complete the pirate costume, aye, aye, captain!

Character 6: Count Dracula

Subject: Dracula’s Fangs
Binilhan mo na ng isang buong set ng outfit but he just keeps on losing the accessories, like the vampire fangs. What vampire has no fangs; definitely it will be a sad plight. Kapag rush hour na at hindi ka na aabot makabili sa nearest thrift or novelty store ng ready-made pangil; to the rescue ang mga milk bottles mo. Troop to your kitchen, dali!

Materials Needed:

  1. Milk Gallon or Milk Paper Boxes
  2. Pencil & Scissors

Easy Steps:

  1. Draw fangs on the milk gallon or milk paper boxes using pencil. Check sample pattern below. You can also keep the “teeth area” just straight, maintaining it so you can keep those fangs connected.
  2. Cut the milk gallon or carton boxes at ipasukat sa little Dracula mo. He has to bite the fangs lightly to keep it in place.

Bwahahahahaha! Ziggy the good-looking vampire will not wish for your blood kasi katatapos niya lang ubusin ang gatas para ma-empty ang milk cartons niya. Not to be outdone in his Dracula outfit, nilagyan din ni mommy ng red lipstick for blood-like appeal ang little vampire na ito.

Little Count Dracula with fangs, winner!

DIY 4: Let Your Creativity Run Free

Character 7: Raggedy Ann Doll
Are you fond of horror movies, mystery novels, and the likes? Maaaring marami kang pinagpilian pero a character would appeal to you or stick out. And for the mom who made this rag doll, she was “haunted” by the story behind the eerie “Annabelle Doll” from the movie of the same name. Sa dami ng pinag-iisipan niyang outfit, this image never left her mind kaya she turned it into a costume for her very own charming living doll.

How to do it:

  1. Wig – Cut out a strip of cloth that can be wrapped around the head of your kid. Check if it fits snuggly. Sew in the pompoms into the strip of cloth.
  2. Stockings – Stick the white tape to red stocking to create the striped effect.
  3. Dress – (Inner Dress) Mom’s ¾ or long-sleeve blouse is cut and sewn to match baby’s size. Sew in garters on the sleeves para sa ruffles effect. (Apron-like Dress) Attach a ribbon on the front part and stitch ruffles on the bottom part.

Meet Maki, a charming baby alive na puno ng kainosentehan ang magandang mukha. She is definitely not scary. And her cuteness is all the more highlighted sa kanyang equally cute na costume na talaga namang pinag-effort-an ni Mommy niya. One would not be able to give her candies without first complementing her likeness to a pretty doll.

Huggable baby alive! Gigil Huuuuugs!

Character 8: Peter Pan
It’s always a delight when daddies participate in the brainstorming; lalo na kapag hands-on din siya sa outfit making! And daddies know best when it comes to cute male characters; think of happy thoughts! Check what you have in your closet, in your kid’s closet, then think how you can make a cute pero tipid costume. You can also take a cue from your kid’s previous outfits like what they did with this one.

What’s available:

Headdress and shoes from his Native American Indian Costume.

What’s Needed:

  1. Daddy’s plain green shirt
  2. Daddy’s belt
  3. Your kid’s own brown/light brown pants
  4. A pair of scissors

Easy Steps:

  1. Cut off the stitched neck of the shirt to give it the tattered feel.
  2. Cut off the sleeves, the sides, and the bottom part of the shirt in zigzag (triangle) pattern for the complete tattered look.

Sporting a very cute likeness to Peter Pan, thanks to hi dream team glam team, meet Audric. Palagi siyang me ready smile, giggle, hagikgik at daldal for everyone. The headdress and the shoes went well with the whole outfit; hindi mo mahahalatang hindi ito originally intended for the Peter Pan costume if we did not tell you. He loves to hug his playmates and display his antics to his titos and titas. This costume is kept in place by the belt; perfect for active kids. Hindi rin agad-agad masisira ang costume dahil gawa sa tela ang lahat ng suot-suot niya.

Peter Pan costume + happy thoughts equals to we can go and fly, fly away!

DIY 5: Choose to Recycle
Siguro nagtatabi ka ng mga recyclable materials sa bahay. O sadyang marami kayong mga karton kasi by bulk ka mamili ng diapers, or wrappings from big deliveries; think, styros and bubble wraps. Marami kayong plastic disposables from your take-aways and deliveries kasi hinuhugasan mo ang mga ito pagkagamit. Tambak na ang clothes’ hangers mo from having your clothes ironed professionally. Hagilapin na kung anik-anik meron ka and let’s check if you can execute this next character. 

Character 9: Lego Brick

To be Recycled:

  1. Diaper Boxes
  2. Plastic Dish Bowls
  3. Old Shoe Laces

What You Need:

  1. Tape (masking tape or scotch tape)
  2. Pencil, scissors, and glue
  3. Markers, cutter, and straight edge/ruler
  4. Quick-Drying Paint

Here’s how to do it:


  1. Gupitin ang ilalim ng mga soup bowls; sundan ang circular shape nito. Set it aside.


  1. Seal one side (close the flaps together) of the box with tape. Leave the other long side open.
  2. Cut one end (shorter side) and leave it open.
  3. Punch holes on the flaps that remain open; gaya nang butas na nilalagyan ng sintas sa rubber shoes.
  4. Mark the holes where your kid will have his head and arms inserted. Cut the outlined area.
  5. Para walang matalim na edges at hindi masugatan ang anak mo, lagyan ng tape ang mga ginupit na area.
  6. Dikitan ng 6 connectors (soup bowls) ang harapan gamit ang glue. Set aside. Let it dry.


  1. Measure the best possible circumference that will complement the body (box).
  2. Fold a rectangular-shaped carton to make it into a cylinder. 
  3. Pro Tip: You can lightly inscribe consecutive straight lines gamit ang cutter at ruler on the inside so that the carton will fold easily.

  4. Make a cover for the cylinder. Seal the edges with tape. Protect the bottom part as well with tape para hindi maiwang magaspang ang edge.
  5. Cut a rectangular shape big enough for you kid’s face and to allow generous room for breathing.
  6. Dikitan ng 1 connector sa tuktok.

Finishing Touches

  1. It’s time to paint! Pinturahan ng magkaibang kulay ang body at head. Set aside to dry.
  2. Isulsi na ang sintas ng sapatos sa likod na flap ng box, magsisilbi itong higpitan or lock kapag suot na ng anak mo ang costume.
  3. Gumuhit ng bibig gamit ang permanent marker. Isakto sa sa bandang ilalim ng allotted hole sa face to complete the look.

The brick outfit is inspired by the dad, an architect; that’s why he likes to design, design, design and build, build, build! Coupled with the mommy’s creative idea to use recycled materials; diaper boxes and sup bowls took the center stage with this one. Your kids will definitely enjoy and make their costume their toys even after Halloween. As for those of us who love doing Home Economics projects back in the day, preparing this costume will surely be a hit! Meet Noah, a shy yet charming boy. He hesitates at first to don the costume but upon seeing his friends all enjoying, he chimes in with his own fun outfit and join the play.

Clink clank click, human lego brick. Creative and fantastic!

Character 10: Pussy Cat

To be Recycled:

  1. Bubble Wrap from Deliveries
  2. Old Clothes Hanger
  3. Old Shawl
  4. Worn-Out Tutu

What You Need:

  1. Needle and Thread
  2. Pliers
  3. A pair of scissors and safety pins

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Pwede pang magamit ang natastas or napaglumaang tutu dahil kasama sa effect ng outfit ang pagiging frizzy and unruly ng skirt. Inspect the skirt, cut out excessively loose threads or strips. Plop and reshape hanggang makuha ang gusto mong itsura. Resize the waist kung kinakailangan.
  2. Shape and mold the clothes’ hanger into a tail with a curly end. Balutan ito ng bubble wrap para magkalaman. Wrap the shawl around the bubble wrap with the shaggy end (tassels, kung mayroon) facing outward so it will serve as added design. Leave some extra cloth on the straight end so you can connect it with a pin sa shirt ng anak mo. Having the hanger inside will give you the flexibility to shape and re-shape the tail while still retaining its firmness.
  3. You can also make a headband for your kid following the same procedure for the tail. But this time, mold the shape from your kid’s head from one ear to the other.

Meow, meow, meow, says the pretty cat! Mommy wanted to make an attractive outfit wherein her baby can still move freely and play all she wants. Donning her black top and black leggings, which all the more made her fair complexion stand out, meet Langging JL! Johannah Louise is one bubbly and playful girl like a true cat playing with a fur ball. The clothes are of light fabric na presko sa mga bata. Mommy completed JL’s pussycat look with whiskers and nose leather (the tip of the cat’s nose) using her make-up eyeliner. 

I thought, I thought I saw a pussycat! Meow! Meow!

DIY 6: Pure Cuteness

Some babies just need their cuteness plus thanks to famous cartoon movies; it’s an instant perfect match! Parang si Diaper Baby Brent ng Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Tarzan, Baby Geniuses, etc.

Character 11: The Boss Baby

Outfit Needed: A necktie or even a bowtie will do.

Dahil trending pa rin ang cute na cute na pelikulang “The Boss Baby,” swak na swak kay Baby Nash ito. Lalo na at kailangan ring ingatan ang kutis ng mga babies, hindi pa talaga sila mabihisan madalas ng mga pabibo or bonggang costumes. Pero no worries, kasi bow tie lang or neck tie, and then prop him on a chair, The Boss Baby na yan! 

Hello there, boss baby Nash! Cuteness, overload!

Character 12: Sadako (from the movie “The Ring” and “Sadako 3D”)

Outfit Needed: Daddy’s rugged and old white shirt

Kanina pure cuteness; this one, strike a horror pose the adorable way! Kailan pa naging charming si Sadako? Check out our lovely Jurese; she’s witty when it comes to striking a pose and she loves to surprise or scare people! Comb the hair several times and just let it be. You can also add baby powder on your kid’s face using a wet sponge (para hindi nila ma-inhale yung powdery substance) at mas maging makapit ang polbo. No need to rehearse the scary look as she’s a natural. Ingatan lang din kapag yung gapang effect na ni Sadako ang ipo-portray niya.

Boo! She will visit you in your dreams and come out of your TV Screens, too! Scary turned charming, definitely not a boo!

Special thanks to all the parents who gave in to our request. It was quite a short notice pero salamat po at pinagbigyan niyo kami. And most especially, to our gracious host, thank you for lending us your home. You trusted us enough you allowed us a free reign. Thank you. Also, seeing your kids enjoying their dress-up day is more than an affirmation.

We hope to inspire parents here abroad to find time in dressing up their kids and make it a fun experience, too. Mumshies and daddies alike, we hope you got some neat tricks and tips from these cute and funky DIYs.

Souqpinoy; more than a marketplace! Happy hahahahaHalloween, everyone!


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