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Published: 2019-10-28   

‘So, tell me about yourself.’

This is a question that you will definitely be asked in your job interviews. It can come in some variations:

This is a question that you will definitely be asked in your job interviews. It can come in some variations:

“What would you like me to know about you?”
“Say something about yourself.”
“Introduce yourself.”
“Describe yourself.”

But they all mean the same thing and they all point to one purpose: the hiring manager wants to know how you present and view yourself.

It is a hard question to answer, to be honest. Hindi mo kasi alam kung saan magsisimula at marami ka ring pwedeng sabihin.

On the other hand, what is good about this question is that it’s pretty standard and you can definitely prepare for it.

Here are some tips that can help you get your answer ready:

  1. Don’t start with your name, they already know it.
    Avoid literally introducing yourself with your full name, nickname and age. They have your CV in their hands. Of course they already know the basic information about you—so it’s best to leave those out.

    Focus on what matters, which brings us to Tip No.

  2. Start by stating what you do for a living, as a professional and as a skilled employee.
    You may say, “I am a baker with more than five years of experience in whipping up a feast of delicious pastries for various international restaurants and bakeries.”


  3. Highlight your skills and top achievements.
    You may then follow up your description, with statements that highlight your best achievements:

    “Baking is my passion and it has been very evident in how I do my job.

    I was a reliable asset in the previous pastry shops that I have worked in, particularly because of the attention I give to every detail of the baking process, which leads to excellent outputs. This way, our shop manages to keep the costs of wastage at a minimum.

    I take my recipes to heart and I also work well with a team. I’d like to believe this is why I have been promoted more than twice in just a span of one year of working at ABC Company.”

  4. Mention what makes you excited to be part of their company.
    Ngayon, kailangan mo naman silang i-convince na ‘yung mga skills mo ay magagamit mo sa gagawin mong trabaho para sa kanila. Relate the experiences you have mentioned to why you are excited to join their company.

    “I did have a great time baking for ABC Company, and I can now say that I am ready to do more and learn more about the craft by joining one of the leading pastry shops every baker hopes to be part of. When I saw your opening at SouqPinoy.com, I knew I wouldn’t want to miss this chance.”

  5. Wrap it up—with a smile.
    That’s all you have to say, really: What you do, what makes you stand out, and how you’re looking forward to doing more by joining a new company.

    Tama na ‘yun. Kapag mas pinahaba mo pa, lalo pang maguguluhan ang interviewer mo at lalo ka pang kakabahan.

    Say just enough to make a strong first impression. Don’t forget to punctuate that intro with your best smile.


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