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Published: 2017-06-12   

One Kind of Freedom We All Aspire For

Today, June 12, we are celebrating the Philippines’ 119th Independence Day—now that was a long, long time ago. Sa ngayon, kabayan, ano nga ba ang ibig sabihin ng pagiging malaya?

Today, June 12, we are celebrating the Philippines’ 119th Independence Day—now that was a long, long time ago. Sa ngayon, kabayan, ano nga ba ang ibig sabihin ng pagiging malaya?

For us OFWs who have to work day in and day out, thousands of miles away from home—there are certain kinds of freedom we all aspire for. At isa sa mga pinaka-importanteng klase ng kalayaan na napapanahong pag-usapan ay: Financial Freedom.

What is Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom is not about being rich—in fact, it’s not all about money. Malalaman mong malaya ka financially if you can live a life you choose nang hindi pinoproblema ang pera.

Gusto mo bang mag-travel? Gusto mong umuwi ng PIlipinas whenever you want to? O umuwi for good nang hindi na kailangan intindihin ang tuition ng mga bata?

Who would say no to all of that? Everybody wants to be free, but achieving financial freedom requires a whole lot of relentless, passionate work—and we’re not just talking about working hard from 9am until 5pm.

Here are some key steps to remember if it is financial freedom you’re after:

  1. Start by finding a job you can love and commit yourself to.

    When you are starting from scratch, you need to have a steady source of income first. Kailangan muna syempre ng trabaho na hindi lang stable—but a job you will love to wake up for every morning.

    Keep looking for the job that will be a perfect fit for you—and once you found it, never let it go. 

    Maraming job opportunities dito sa UAE at sa GCC, lalo na para sa mga Pilipino. Sa job section palang ng Souq Pinoy, marami ka nang makikitang opening. Malay mo dito mo na mahanap ang “job soul mate” mo, so keep checking!

  2. Manage your hard-earned money well.

    As soon as makahanap ka na ng stable na trabaho, keep track of your monthly income. Tandaan, pinaghirapan mo ‘yan, pag-isipan ang bawat pagkakagastusan. Allocate a portion, at least 20 percent, for savings. 

    Kung meron ka mang utang, siguraduhing makakapagtabi rin para dito. The sooner you pay off all your debts—the sooner you start feeling free.

  3. Know your priorities and stick to them.

    List down all your dreams and the things you want to achieve this year, the next year and in the next five years.

    If you’re sending your children or siblings to school, take note of tuition schedules and plan for the payment away ahead of time. If you wish to travel, map out a savings timeline for that, too. 

  4. Kapag may chance na kumita ng extra money—wag palagpasin.

    We know that work can get pretty stressful sometimes, and doing more work during the weekends could be draining. Pero hindi ba sabi nga nila, may pera kahit sa basura? May mga paraan para kumita ng extra na minsan hindi naman kailangan magpakapagod. 

    Halimbawa, from time to time, check your stuff and see if there are items na pwede mo nang ibenta. Sayang din naman, hindi ba? Marami na rin namang ways para humanap ng buyers ngayon.

    One good way is to post your ad in our Classified Section. Free naman ito, at ilang clicks lang, posted na ang item mo.

  5. Make the most of every opportunity and enjoy life.

    While it is important to keep the future in mind, you don’t have to sacrifice all your joys at the present. As long as you keep your eyes on the goal, and you have everything planned, go follow your heart.

    Hindi rin naman healthy na puro future na lang ang iniisip at kinakalimutan mo na ‘yung mga simpleng bagay na makakapagpasaya sa’yo. Just remember to live within, or even below, your means and not to spend the money you do not have.

    Enjoy simple freedoms every day.


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