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Published: 2019-10-28   

How to write a Cover Letter

Say you have found a job opportunity, at feeling mo malaki ang chance mo dahil ikaw na ikaw ang hinahanap nila para sa posisyon.

Say you have found a job opportunity, at feeling mo malaki ang chance mo dahil ikaw na ikaw ang hinahanap nila para sa posisyon.

You click on the job link, you upload your CV but then there’s still one more thing you have to do: “Type in a cover letter or your message to the employer.”

Now what is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a brief introduction of your skills, highlighting why the company should consider you for the position. Sounds simple, right?

But don’t worry, we get it—it is really easier said than done. This is why we are sharing with you some tips on how to write a cover letter:

    1. Balikan ang opening na nakita mo. Take note of the job requirements.
      First you have to make sure that you can meet (and even exceed) what the company needs for the position.Kung sa tingin mo ay pasok na pasok ka, ilista ang specific requirements na inilista nila sa job opening. Mas magiging effective ang cover letter mo kung makikita nila ang mga important keywords nila sa message mo.

      “Company X is looking for an Administrative Assistant with pleasing personality, excellent communication skills, and is good at using Microsoft Office programs, especially Excel.”

Ang keywords sa opening na ‘yan ay:

      • pleasing personality
      • communication skills
      • Microsoft Office programs
      • Excel

Siguraduhin na makikita ng company ang apat na ‘yan sa cover letter mo.

    1. Go straight to the point.
      ‘Wag tayong magpaligoy-ligoy, bes. Sa umpisa palang kailangan malinaw na kung anong posisyon ang ina-aplayan mo.Some people make the mistake of sharing their personal background first (mentioning even their age and families!). Keep in mind that hiring managers read through a LOT of applications every day. Mention points and information that matter for the job.

      Start by stating what position you’re applying for and what makes you qualified.

      Here’s an example:
      “I am highly interested in ABC Company’s opening for a receptionist, and I am confident that my five-year experience from working in various international hotels makes me a good fit for this position.”

    2. In enumerating your skills, use bullet points, whenever you can.
      After your first paragraph, support your statement by giving a summary of your skills and experience.
      Avoid writing very long paragraphs; use bullet points instead.Halimbawa, sa halip na isulat nang ganito:
      “As a customer service representative for ABC Company, I was responsible for responding to inquiries, trouble-shooting glitches in their subscription service, and generating monthly reports and analyses of customer feedback. In addition, I am part of the training team that helps new hires adjust to the work that we do in the office.”

      Make it more reader-friendly by writing it this way:
      “As a customer service representative for ABC Company, my responsibilities included the following:

      • Responding to inquiries
      • Trouble-shooting glitches in service delivery
      • Analyzing customer feedback
      • Generating monthly reports
      • Training new hires”

Both examples are acceptable in cover letter writing, but take note that it is a lot easier to read the latter. Again, make sure that the skills and experience that you will be enumerating match those that they require for the position. Include the keywords that you have taken note of.

  1. Close your cover letter expressing hope and confidence.
    Pagkatapos mong i-discuss ang qualification mo, tama na. Okay na ’yun, kabayan. Keep it short and sweet, ika nga nila.Proceed to writing a closing paragraph that rehashes your interest in the position.

    “Moving forward in my career, I welcome the opportunity to grow and further enhance my skills by joining ABC Company. My CV, which will give you more details about my qualifications, has been included in this application.
    Thank you for your kind attention and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.”

  2. Basahin nang maigi ang naisulat—siguraduhing walang mali.
    Check for grammatical errors, wrong spelling, or any other typo errors. Importante ito in making a strong first impression.Huwag mahihiyang magtanong sa mga kakilala kung tama ba ang pagkakasulat mo o kung may suggestion ba sila.

So you see, your cover letter is really just composed of three parts:

  • A brief opening paragraph stating the position you’re applying for
  • Highlights of your skills and experience
  • A polite closing with a hopeful tone

Keep it simple and avoid complicated words. Also, it pays to write from the heart.


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