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Published: 2019-10-29   

How to Make Your CV Stand Out

Did you know that a recruitment officer only spends an average of 30 seconds in viewing your CV? And that is based on a study by TheLadders.com.

Did you know that a recruitment officer only spends an average of 30 seconds in viewing your CV? And that is based on a study by TheLadders.com.

Imagine, 30 seconds! Average pa nga lang daw ‘yan. ‘Yung iba 6 seconds lang ang tinatagal sa CV mo bago magdecide kung short-listed ka ba o hindi.

This is why it is important to carefully think about how to best present yourself and your credentials through a CV.

Here are some tips that will make your CV stand out:

  1. Tailor your CV based on the job you are applying for.
    Dapat sa profile summary mo pa lang, tanggap ka na. ‘Yung profile summary ay yung brief description na usually makikita sa ibaba ng pangalan mo. Isa ‘yun sa unang makikita, so make sure swak ang nakalagay dito sa hinahanap ng company na ina-applyan mo.
    How you describe yourself as a professional must be the answer to what they are looking for.
  2. Make sure na presentable ang photo sa CV mo.
    Your face is one of the first things they will notice in scanning your CV. Make sure you look professional in you CV. Smile your best! We have some tips here, on how to take a good CV photo.
  3. Prove your track record.
    In enumerating your career history, focus on your achievements. Madalas, responsibilities lang ang naka-indicate sa work experience, di ba? While this bit is important and should be included, highlight your achievements first.

    Naging employee of the month ka ba? Impressive ba ang sales figures mo? Lagi bang ikaw ang requested representative ng customers? Paano ka ba nakatulong sa pinasukan mong kumpanya? ‘Yan ang dapat laman ng career history mo, bukod sa job descriptions.

  4. Organize your CV and make sure it’s readable.
    Use subheadings like “Career Achievements”, “Academic Background”,”Skills”, etc. Ibahin ang font at usually dapat mas malaki ang font ng subheadings mo. Dapat malinis ang pagkakaayos ng information at ang layout ng CV.

    Part din ng readability ang grammar. Use simple words, not complicated ones na kailangan pang gamitan ng dictionary. Make your statements clear and concise. Check your grammar. Mas magandang ipabasa sa iba ang CV mo para magkaroon ka ng feedback kung ano ang pwedeng ma-improve.

  5. Keep it short.
    Recruiters and hiring managers have hundreds, if not thousands, of CVs to read through every day. They don’t have the time to read a four-page CV, no matter how impressive.

    A two-page CV is ideal. It should be enough for you to provide all the information they need to choose you.


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