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Published: 2017-08-05   

5 Pinoy Food We’re Craving Right Now—and where to find them

Of the many challenges that Pinoy expats face, one of the things that could be very hard to address is FOOD.

Of the many challenges that Pinoy expats face, one of the things that could be very hard to address is FOOD.

Living in a foreign land is living out of your comfort zone—and sadly, away from your comfort food, too.

The good news is: Sa milyong-milyong Pilipino ng nakaka-miss ng mga pagkain natin, we have already created a good demand in the market. Today, most of our cravings are offered in one store or another.

Here are five Pinoy food cravings (we are actually drooling for right now) and where to find them:

  1. Isaw
    Little Manila at Al Rigga and Cucina at Al Attar shopping center are two of our go-to spots for a good chicken isaw!
    If you like your isaw juicy and basted with lots of sauce, go for Little Manila (mind you, their everyday stocks sell out very fast, so it is best to come early).

    If you like your Isaw toasted (and sometimes with cheese on top!), go for Cucina.

  2. Pinoy Barbecue
    Countries around the world have different kinds of barbecues. And certainly, the Middle Eastern grills are far too different from the barbecues we grew up with back home.

    We just couldn’t help but daydream of the street stalls in the Philippines, selling our favorite grilled meat goodness.

    Well if you’re craving that chicken barbecue na very Pinoy ang timpla, look no further than Max’s! Sakto, naka-promo pa ang chicken barbecue nila ngayon!

    Kung inasal naman ang hanap mo, meron din yan sa Jay-J’s ng Little Manila!

  3. Halo-halo
    In the middle of summer, we just couldn’t help but think of the classic, ever-so-sweet-and-colorful halo-halo. Thank goodness for Chowking Middle East!

  4. Pinoy Dessert / rice treats like ginataang bilo-bilo
    Of course our sweet tooth doesn’t end with halo-halo. There are so many other Pinoy desserts that we always look forward to having after every meal or come meryenda time. Who can forget about the ginataang bilo-bilo and the palitaw we have back home?

    The buffet of Hot Palayok is a happy place for Pinoy dessert lovers. They an awesome dessert spread that surely hits the spot! The best thing about it is that you can actually eat your sweets to your heart’s delight—unlimited!

  5. Crispy-Pata | Lechon Kawali
    Now satisfying this particular craving could be quite a challenge on this side of the world. But thanks to our lucky stars, we do have a couple of sources around the city. Asiana Hotel in Deira, alone, has a couple of joints that offer crispy pata: you could go for the buffet at Lamesa or the ala carte dining at Manila Grill.


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