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Published: 2019-10-26   

3 Money Tips for OFWs When Going Home For Vacation

Isa sa pinaka masayang moment sa buhay ng isang OFW ay ang annual vacation.

Isa sa pinaka masayang moment sa buhay ng isang OFW ay ang annual vacation.

Super saya na makasama mo uli ang mga mahal mo sa buhay when you go home, especially if it has been years since you last saw them. Going back home means unli eating, unli tawanan at bonding moments, shopping, and catching up with friends and family. This also means the possibility of depleting your hard-earned money with almost nothing left in your pocket.

Here are tips to keep your finances in check and make sure you still have money when you get back to your work abroad.


    1. Stick on a budget.
      This is the number one thing every OFW must remember when vacationing. Admit it, there is a tendency to splurge on your family member and give in to friends when you’re back home, especially if it has been years since they last saw you. Nevertheless, never leave without setting your budget. Set aside money and categorize them accordingly – shopping, dining out, quick vacation, and even last-minute or emergency expenses. More importantly, make sure to stick to it. This will help you limit your expenses and at the same time, prevent careless spending.


    1. Don’t over-indulge.
      Differentiate needs from wants. You might be tempted to buy everything that you can before heading back to the Philippines. Before you make those purchases, stop, think, and decide whether your son really needs those latest rubber shoes or newest iPhone. By differentiating needs from wants, you will be able to limit your spending.


  1. Take it easy on pasalubong.
    Lahat yata tayong OFW, ay guilty pagdating dito. After all, giving pasalubong is part of the Filipino culture and at the same time, a love language. Wait, do you really need to buy one for your friend’s niece or give something to your neighbor? As much as possible, limit pasalubongs to close family members. You would be able to save a lot if you don’t let the pressure of giving something to everyone get in your head.The time you spend with your family is worth more than the material things you give them. Create memorable moments that last a lifetime.


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