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Published: 24 March 2017    By: Souqpinoy

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Our inspiration

Overseas Filipinos are said to be today’s modern day heroes of the country, responsible for boosting local Philippine economy back home and uplifting their respective families’ livelihood from abroad, at the same time contributing to the global economy by servicing some of the world’s fast progressing countries overseas. It is very fascinating that while a lot of Filipinos are mainly working under the service sector as employees, there are a select handful that have taken the next step ahead and developed their own businesses abroad, utilizing their skills and effort to become employers instead of employees, taking that distinct quality of Filipino talent and workmanship to a level that can compete head on with other local players overseas. We want to drive that spirit of Filipino entrepreneurship across the region and make more entrepreneurs out of every OFW so that they can better provide for their families back home, and uplift the quality of living of the modern day heroes of our society.

This is our inspiration for the very first Filipino One-stop Shop Online Marketplace in the Middle East.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower every Filipino individual overseas with an online platform that enables them to interact with fellow Filipinos abroad, providing them with the best tools, online information and resources that make trade and commerce opportunities possible for every Filipino in the Middle East.

What is souqpinoy.com?

SouqPinoy.com is a Filipino online marketplace that provides a one-stop shop solution for every Filipino individual within the GCC. It is owned and managed by SP Digital International FZ LLC, a Dubai-based E-commerce, Events and Advertising Company. The site provides a wide-range of activities, ranging from daily classifieds to job recruitment/job hiring solutions that will help in growing the Filipino overseas workforce, a platform for all Filipino current news and community event pages that will promote the various activities of Filipino organizations across the region.

Proudly established by some of the best Filipino entrepreneurs in UAE, the site features a customized e-commerce platform especially tailor-fit to promote small and medium scale Filipino businesses that greatly fosters communication and networking across all major industries in the region, thereby attracting other bigger corporate partners to increase their engagement with the growing Filipino community in the Middle East.


More than a Marketplace